Chardon Chief of Police Scott Niehus IS INCOMPETENT

By: Chardon Resident, but not for long

This guy would never have gotten this job, but for his daddy. He is unqualified to be police chief and does not command respect. I wonder what his hours are because is he ever at the station? Just another example of “the good old boys club”.

Niehus is aging terribly, looks awful, like 25 miles of bad road.

I heard him speak once and personally, I think he took a few too many hits to the head when he played football.

The guy looks terrible.  When will we get a real Chief of Police, not someone whose daddy had to call in favors to get his loser son appointed?

One thought on “Chardon Chief of Police Scott Niehus IS INCOMPETENT

  1. Scott’s wife is really a nasty girl. She was so mean to me and other wives of deputies. It is my understanding that Scott met her, when he arrested her for DUI.

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